Wedding Cake Tapestry
Fall 2007

Threads Used: Linen Warp, Various Weft

This took me about 2 months, less than half the
amount of time it took to complete the Tree of Life
Tapestry. There was no pre-drawn patterns, I wove
one little pattern at a time. When I took it off the loom,
all the little patterns came together to make the
ULTIMATE coolest big pattern. The colors were very
thought out. I made it a point to A) let the material
guide me and the patterns B) have no 'concept' or
specific imagery, just pure pattern and C) limit myself
to an analogous color scheme with heavy contrast. I
think one of the reasons why I finished it so soon was
that I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating it:
the colors create the unity, so it gave me the freedom
of weaving a variety of patterns.

All of my patterns and colors, and my entire outlook
on life, stem from MEXICAN FOLK ART (specifically
the HUICHOL TRIBE), hence the title